L-1 work visas in full compliance WITH USCIS REQUIREMENTS

An L-1 visa enables organizations to transfer overseas employees to the United States, either to join an established office or open a new one, in order to expand their operations into the U.S. VisaLex offers you a unique combination of cutting-edge technology and full-cycle professional services to pave the way for L-1A and L-1B visas for your foreign workers.

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VisaLex offers professional U.S. visa services for employers and individuals. See how we simplify the L-1 visa application process from beginning to end & maximize the likelihood of approval.

Filling out the forms
Filling out the forms

We’ll work together on filing out the USCIS forms. But don’t worry, thanks to our technology, the entire process will be seamless and straightforward for you.

Building a strong case
Building a strong case

We’ll carefully analyze your unique case and determine how we can make your petition as strong as possible with relevant evidence to enable the immigration officers give you a favorable decision.

Writing a business plan
Writing a business plan

For organizations planning to expand their operations into the U.S., we write a custom, professional business plan based on the specifics of your organization.

Submitting the petition
Submitting the petition

Once we confirm that your application is complete and includes all the required supplemental documentation, we enable you print out your petition and help you submit it.

Tracking status changes
Tracking status changes

We stay tightly connected with you until the day you get your visa. We carefully track your applicant status and notify you immediately of any changes so you can be sure you never miss an appointment or other required action.

Solving the key problems

VisaLex helps you save time and budget when dealing with L-1 visas. Leave confusion and guesswork behind and ensure compliance with official USCIS visa requirements.

Untangle complex requirementsUntangle complex requirementsUntangle complex requirements

Untangle complex requirements

Applying for an L-1 visa can be onerous for first-time applicants due to the comprehensive requirements. Questions about exactly how to get started, how to avoid mistakes, and what documents to submit can block your progress as you apply independently or seek help from a regular consultancy firm.

A full range of professional visa services

VisaLex has the wealth of experience required to streamline the entire visa application process. You do not need to struggle to cobble together multiple providers anymore.

We provide the full range of services needed to satisy every USCIS requirement for L-1A and L-1B visas.

Experienced immigration attorneys from our affiliated law firm check all your application materials, suggest improvements, and deal with any requests for evidence from the authorities.



An L-1 visa petition must be filed by the employer, but it needs to provide information about both the employer and employee. Difficulties in collaborating effectively often mean that filling out the visa application is delegated to just one of the two parties — an approach that can cause delays, jeopardize data privacy, and even result in visa denial due to incorrect or missing information in the final application.

Online platform for easy, secure collaboration

VisaLex solves this problem with a unique online platform that facilitates collaboration while maintaining data privacy. Role-based access enables multiple parties to work on the same visa form, while ensuring each user can see only the information they are authorized to see. Users can work on their portions of the application at any time they want; parallel sessions are supported. All users can monitor the progress toward completing each section or the entire form.



L-1 applications require extensive supportive documentation: passport scans, employment letters, records of experience, skills certifications, and so on. All documents must be submitted in English, and they need to be both accurate and complete.

Certified translation and ease of management

The VisaLex platform provides a convenient documentation management system that clearly indicates which documents are strictly necessary & which are only recommended, as well as which documents are already attached to your petition & which still need to be provided.

As you upload a document, you can request translation from any language into English in one click; the service will be provided by a certified translator.

Business plan


An L-1 visa application from a foreign organization opening a new office in the U.S. must contain a detailed business plan for corporate business development. Creating a strong and convincing document requires specific skills and a detailed understanding of the organization’s business model and operations. Many companies have been denied visas for their employees due to poorly written business plans.

Professionally prepared L-1 business plan

When a business plan is necessary, Visalex drafts the most compelling document. Unlike many other agencies, we do not offer a standard template for all customers. Instead, we work to develop the strongest possible L-1 business plan based on the specifics of your organization. Our consultants will carefully examine information about your organization and ensure that essential details about its assets, processes, plans, and structure are included.

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